International Dala Documentry Film Festival


Dalarna’s international documentary film festival

The Dalarna International Film Festival is focusing this year on documentary films from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

The International Dalarna Documentary Film Festival will be held in November 2019 in collaboration with Dalarna International Film Association. The goal of the festival is to introduce and connect nations with each other throughout the municipalities of Orsa and Mora in the northern part of the province of Dalarna.

The jury of this year’s festival films consists of:

  • Hamid Jafari; an Iranian documentary filmmaker, resident in Tehran.
  • Marco Glijnis; a Dutch filmmaker ad photographer, living in Sweden.
  • Malek Shafiei; an Afghan filmmaker, living in Denmark.

Films will be selected by the jury and exhibited throughout the Dalarna province in 1, 2 , 3 November.

The festival’s secretary and jury will invite filmmakers whose films have been previously selected by the jury, to explain why their film should attend the festival. This is on condition that they can travel to the European Union.


All of Dalarna’s International Film Festival will be awarded with a certificate of appreciation. Special Film Festival statuettes will be dedicated to the best films.

After the festival finishes, the likelihood of showing films under the name of the same festival and the views of the Dalarna International Film Festival and the collaboration of other associations in other parts of the Dalarna Province in Sweden will also be presented.


  1. Both short and long documentaries from international filmmakers with any theme (e.g. historical, archeological, nature, wildlife, social, Imagration) related to the aforementioned countries are accepted.
  2. All films must have correct English subtitles.
  3. ّThe films must be make finished January 2016 or after that.
  4. last date for sending film is 31 August 2019.
  5. The videos must be uploaded either on Google Drive – Dropbox – Vimeo with the appropriate MP4 or same quality, send to the festival’s email ( ) or via social media to the Festival’s secretary for first arbitration. After reviewing the best films will be selected and requested for  participation by the secretary.    Films have to be of good quality.
  6. Film makers must sent their CV & biography including ( Name, Last name, birth date, Birth place, Nationality ) A way to contact for example:  Email and Mobile NO or… and a short information about film including: (when Start to work, when finished work, in witch country you made film, witch group of peoples are in film, refugees, women, children, with nationality, because you make a film from refugees of a country in another country, clear these all if these information is unclear in some film same short film and what you think it is need to explain  ) all in Enghlish or Persian in a PDF.

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