List of Films that selected for screening in the International Dala Documentry Film Festivel


1:-  “Michelangelo of Afghanistan”  /  Mohammad Safa

Afghanistanians refugees / Iran

2:-  “Overruled”  /  Farnaz Jurabchian – Mohammadreza Jurabchian

Afghanistanians refugees / Iran

3:-  “Homeless like wind”  /  Gholam Reza Jafari

Afghanistanians refugees / Iran and Sweden

4:- ” 8000 km#  /  Reza Sahebdad

Afghanistanians refugees / Paris

5:-  “A trip into the ziro point”  /  Dawood Hilmandi

Afghanistanians refugees / World

6:-  “Blurry Faces”  /  Behzad Moloud

Iranian Refugees / USA

( screening in side section)

7:-  “Mirage”  /  Abdolreza Kohanrouz

Iranian refugees / Greece

8:-  “The long time of waiting”  /  Fariba Haidari

Afghanistanians refugees / Sweden


9:- “Black Gold”  /  Ezatullah Ali Zadeh

Chidren / Afghanistan

10:-  “Minor miners”  /  Ezatullah Alidost

 Children / Afghanistan

( screening in side section)

11:-  ” Abshar”  /   Ali Shahabi Nezhad

Children / Iran


12:-  “At the beginning of desert”  /  Hamid Eskandari

ِِDrought / Iran

13:-  “The Garden without leaf ” /  Fatemeh Rezaeean

ِِDrought / Iran

14:-  “I Am Alone” /  Behzad Moloud

Animal / Iran

15:-  “Saroo” /  Mohammad Abdullahi

Children and Environment / Iran


16:-  “Forbidden Terrain”  /  Mohammad Ranjbar

Women / Afghanistan 

17:-  “Beyond the fans”  /  Arman Gholipour

Women / Iran

( screening in side section)

religion and Music

18:-  “Songs of gods”  /  Aref Mohammadi

Musik and Religion  /  Iran


20:-  “Iron Dream”  /  Yaser Biani

Rail war / Iran

21:-  “A Affidavit for Khan Ali”  /  Arman Gholipour

A old man try to find job / Iran

22:-  “A few bunches of roses”  /  Mohammad Ghasempour

A MS Family / Iran

23:-  “Spring They Didn’t See”  /  Panahbarkhoda Rezaee

Chemical Bomb and Photography / Halabja, Kurdistan

24:-  “If There Wouldn’t Be Stories”  /  Kamal saleh Zadeh


25:-  “The Satan’s Horn”  /  Hadi Ghorbani


26:- Dehsalm / Mohammad Abdullahi


( screening in side section)

The festival will has Screening in 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November.

Friday: 1st November


Satarday: 2nd November
Aulan, Mora Gymnasiem


Sunday: 3rd November
Röda Kvarn, Orsa Biografen


Beyond the fans by Arman Gholipour and Minor miners by Ezatullah Alidost will showing in side section of Festivel for the subjects of films.

Note 2:- 

The Film makers who is in this list must send the original of film to the festival Email or to secretary of festival  Ali Layeghi






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