list of filmmakers who will be in Film Festival 2019


1:-  Hussain Danesh  is the critic of International Dala Documentry Film Festival.

Hussain Danesh Filmmaker, Technician and Film Critic.

Hussain Danesh was born in Kabul, Afghanistan.
He studied film making in Iranian Youth Cinema Society in Iran and also took a 2 years course at Film Making Center in Tehran (Ferdows Garden).

Danesh directed the short film of “Mirror” (1992) in Iran and worked at Afghan Film in Kabul as a film maker (1993 – 1995).
Danesh and Seddiq Barmak held a course in cinema at Afghan Film in Kabul (1994 – 1995).

Artistic consulting and stage designing of the “Wisper of the Buddha” with subject of Afghanistan, directed by Hossein Ghasemi Jami (Iranian film maker).

He also directed “ The Passage” a long documentary film about war in Kabul, 1993 – 1997 (winner of the Montreal film festival award, and also winner of the Human Rights prize for the best documentary film from the 2nd Documentary and Short Film Festival in Kabul.

Danesh migrated to Sweden in 2010 and since then he has been working as Camera technician in Swedish film industry in Gothenburg.

He is also a film critic with 30 articles about Afghan movies and cinema that have been published at BBC Persian, Nebesht, Afghan Newspaper 8 Sobh and Art magazine in Iran.

He has been also worked the Festival Executive Director at Afghan Film festival in Sweden 2015 – 2018.


2:- Helen Hemmati Hammarström.
Helen Hemmati Hammarström was born in Iran in 1964,
⁃ Completed a master’s degree in Tehran University (Fine Art Faculty), 1995
⁃ Theater director, (5 plays)
⁃ Playwright (14 plays) and dramaturge (2 plays)
⁃ Jury in short films and documentaries in the film festival
– Jury in theaters festivals (5 plays)
– Film critics (TV and magazines)
⁃ Thought drama in Art University of Tehran, drama department (1996-2002)


3:- Malek Shafie  Malek Shafi’I is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has made over thirty films on different topics. His last documentary won the Award of Excellence from Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival 2013. Malek is the founder and Director of Afghanistan International Human Rights Film festival. He worked as jury member of the Tolo TV Film Festival, Kabul Film Festival, Movies That Matter, My View Asian Bank, Tromso Film Festival and many more.
Currently he lives in Copenhagen .

He is a member of our jury group also.


4:- Mahbooba Ebrahimi
Mahbouba Ibrahimi was born at 1977 in Kandahar city of Afghanistan, then in 1981 her family immigrated to Iran. She grew up there and she could successfully graduate from Public HealthFaculty of Tehran University in 1999. She married at 1998 and then she came back to Afghanistan at 2006.

At the year 2009, she took part in a French filmmaking workshop in Kabul. As Cinema was always a the dream of hers over the years. For completion of her proficiency, she has gone to Paris at 2010 and 2011 to study Cinema closely at Ateliers Varan in this city of art and beauty.

She has participated in industry actively since 2009 and she has made four documentary films;

1. “Phantoms of the Zoo” (Anti-war, Social and Animal Rights / 2009)
2. “Allaoddin’s Girls” (Social and Children’s Right / 2009)
3. “A, B, C …” (Social and Disable’s Right / 2010)
4. “Permission to drive” (Social and Women Right / 2011)

“Phantoms of the Zoo”: This documentary is a film about the situation of Kabul Zoo during civil wars in the city, while nobody was in the city for taking care of animals living in Kabul Zoo and the Zoo had been attacked by many missiles.
“Phantoms of the Zoo” was shown by these festivals:
Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2010

Etats généraux du film documentaire , (

) France 2010.
This film has had performance in Musée du quai Branly in Paris-France 2011.

This film has had a performance in Robin museum in New York and took award from this museum in June 2011.
2- “Allaoddin’s girls “is a film about Kabul Girl’s Orphanage” An orphan girl who lives in this orphanage wants to stay in the orphanage but her uncle tries to return her back to home and force her to marriage someone she doesn’t love. This film focuses on her lifestyle, her life concerns, as well as her relationships with outside world.
Film was shown by Women’s Voices from the Muslim World: A Short-Film
Festival in USA in November 2010.

3-“A, B, C …” (social and Handicap’s Rights). This film is about a disable girl that wants to become literated, but she cannot find any teacher who can taught her the lessons at her home in Kabul and her mother tries to find teacher.
Shown also in above festival.

4- “Permission to Drive “, is a film about women social activities in Kabul, this film is about afghan young woman who has come back to her home country Afghanistan from Iran, she tries to find a job in Kabul, but she doesn’t have the proper required skills then, she decides to learn driving and get her driving license in the Kabul, the city where women are not still accepted as drivers in the streets. Finally she could succeed to get a job in a travel agency.
This film has been selected for screening at Mumbai film festival as part of a special package of films from Afghanistan, called ‘Kabul Fresh’.


5:- Basir Seerat

Basir Seerat was born in 1983 in Malistan district of Ghazni province in Afghanistan.

Basir Seerat was and still, He is an important voice for social art, media, and human rights activities in Afghanistan.
Basir Seerat has been working with United Nation Office in Kabul as a photojournalist, Open Society Organization as deputy director, Third Eye Photojournalism Centre as chief-in-editor, Free Media Organization of Afghanistan “NAI” as a multimedia trainer and He was a lecturer and founder of the Photography Department in Kabul University.
Besides his professional works, he writes blogs with an extensive portfolio in the fields of human rights, freedom of speech and promotion of democratic culture, I was one of the arrangers of “Human Rights Week” two times with great success in Afghanistan.
He used film as an important tool of expression. “Caricaturists”, “Up to Alphabets”, “The voice of Flu City” “Gypsy Alphabets”, “Little Afghanistan”, “Bird Street Is My Home” and “Under the Eyes of Buddha” are some of the most important short films by me.
“Little Afghanistan” and “Bird Street is My Home” were shown at the international festivals for documentary films such as Leipzig and Documenta in Germany.
In recent years he is a young media activist has been attacked and terrorized many times by the enemies of freedom of speech. In 2004, Basir Seerat was kidnapped by the Taliban. After escaping from the Taliban jail, He continued my works with civil society, media, human rights, arts and culture organizations.He is playing my role for the positive change, for the developing of a democratic Afghanistan.
In 2012, he received his first award as a human rights artist and activist from the Image and Voice of Hope Organization “New York”.
His photographic and cinematic work has been exhibited widely in Afghanistan and abroad.

For more communicate with Basir Seerat, here is his blog.




6:- Soroush Elmi
Soroush Elmi is a Kurdish Iranian film and theater producer, living in Stockholm.
Since he moved to Sweden in 2009, he started arranging cultural and artistic events, in different cities. In 2016, he launched his company, Matris Event & Production. He took more serious steps towards film making by getting a role as an executive producer in a feature film, “Logndagen” by Yagoob Keshavarz, selected at Austin and Durban film festivals.
He continued his career by producing a couple of theater plays at Kulturhuset-Stadsteatern Stockholm in 2017.
His recent short film project as a producer, “Black-Eared” by Behzad Azadi, has been selected to the Oscar-qualifying festival, the New Orleans film festival 2019.
Soroush is hosting “Art in City” a weekly radio show. He is also a curator at his private gallery, Studio Bee, in Stockholm.
In addition, he has been working with the Stockholm International Film Festival and Stockholm International Film Festival Junior.

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