The 3 selected film in 2019 festival and jury members statements

The Jury of International Dalarna Documentary Film Festival announced their decision today at the end of the festival screenings.
The jury members of International Dalarna Documentary Film Festival, Hamid Jafari from Iran, Marco Glijnis from Sweden and I Malek Shafi’i from Afghanistan watched about 52 movies from Afghanistan, Iran, and Kurdistan Iraq. Comparing to the quality of other movies the jury members found the below three movies more appropriate with the criteria that they have agreed upon in the current circumstances. Those criteria are originality, visual storytelling, and attention to the needs and concerns of documentary movie enthusiasts. Based on the mentioned criteria and the power of the story in addressing the challenges of today’s world including child labor, climate change and migration the following three movies more meet the above criteria.
Black Gold by azatullah Alidost
Sarevo by Mohammad Abdullahi
Homeless like Wind by Ghulam Reza Jafari
The jury members thank all filmmakers who sent their movies to the festival and are working on a hard situation and with low budget to raise-awareness and help understanding of the challenges that we face today. We thank from the supporters and organizers of this festival, especially Ali Layeghy for facilitating and screening this movies. We wish a very good future for International Dalarna Documentary Film festival.
Hamid Jafari, Marco Glijnis and Malek ShafiiFB_IMG_1572851569476FB_IMG_1572851565087FB_IMG_1572822781566

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